TO DUST | $25 level rewards
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$25 level Kickstarter reward downloads

    To Dust - full recording / 32.1 mb 
    To Dust - full film, full resolution / 1.24 gb 
    To Dust - full film, small, lower resolution file / 518.1 mb 
Enter your password and press Download, and your files will begin downloading automatically

Download the files you received as part of your Kickstarter reward package here. If you were a contributor at the $25 level, you will have received a unique password. That password works for each file above.


The file for the full resolution film is quite large (over 1 gigabyte), so download times may be fairly long, depending on your internet connection speed.


If you prefer, you can download the small, lower resolution file of the film. For viewing on a large monitor or television screen, the full resolution file is highly recommended.


Please do not illegally share these copyrighted digital works of art without the creators’ permission.


If you have trouble accessing your files, please send us an email at